With investment gold, you build your wealth faster

A revolutionary service of IBIS InGold®

iiplan - inteligentní investiční plán

We have compared all possibilities of appraising money on a long-term basis. If you saved 1,000 crown per month in the last ten years, you would have 133,000 crowns on your account thanks to building savings, in supplementary pensions 141,000 crowns at the moment. Savings accounts would appraise your money to 125 thousand crowns; investments in shares to 175 thousand crowns. Monthly placing of money in investment gold (iiplan®) would appraise your money to the amount of 191,000 crowns!

iiplan® service (or intelligent investment plan) of IBIS InGold® is a form of medium-term or long-term saving.

It is a method how to gradually build your wealth in the “currency” which is convertible around the world, namely to investment gold.

There is no need for you to have thousands to start. You deposit money regularly while exploiting several advantages of investment metals:

  • Investment gold is exempted from value added tax (it is being permanently increased by the government)
  • Sale of precious metals is not subject to any income tax (you will save another 15% of income from the investment)
  • Investment metals are not devaluated by inflation, they preserve their value and on the contrary, their value is constantly increasing
By investing in gold, you will significantly increase your wealth more than by any other means. Building savings as well as supplementary pensions are profitable due to the state support; however, they are not comparable to investing in gold. You can invest in shares. If you are lucky enough, you will make lots of money. If you are unlucky, you will lose their significant part. Investments in gold and silver are practically without any risks in this regard.